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Privacy Policy for We Buy Cars Fargo

Your privacy is important to We Buy Cars Fargo so we’ve created this Privacy Policy to help you understand what we do with the information you may provide us. We also can track some basic details to improve your experience and want you to understand that too. 

‌At We Buy Cars Fargo, we have a few guiding principles for data collection, use, and protection:

Information That Could Identify You

We Buy Cars Fargo doesn’t ask for personal information unless we need it to give you a service you want. When that occurs, we’ll collect very specific information that we need, and nothing more. 

Some data is called personally identifiable information and it can include your name, contact information, social media accounts, address, and other preferences. This information is for our purposes only; we don’t share it unless it is to comply with law enforcement or improve your specific interaction with We Buy Cars Fargo. 

When you fill out a form with these details, we’ll keep the data and ask you what we can do with it. For example, this information may auto-populate account information but it won’t be given to any outside party.

Approved Information Uses

Some of the data we ask for is used to help improve your service or give us a better understanding of what is and isn’t working. These activities can include ones you direct, such as being mailed a product or fixing a problem with an account, or ones we direct such as learning more about which pages people visit. 

Much of the data we collect is used to improve performance and not linked directly to you as a person. Cookies and IP addresses include this information. While a cookie has the ability to store details – so you don’t need to log in multiple times – we strip out identifiable features before analyzing this data. 

That means We Buy Cars Fargo will have an activity log to review but we will not know that it is your activity log. All data used with analytics and other services is anonymized in this way so that we provide a better experience for all of our customers.

Business Partners

We Buy Cars Fargo works with other leading businesses in our field to provide the best quality experience for our customers. Sometimes this may mean sharing information about client behaviors and other activities. 

You have complete control over how any personal information is handled. If you do not want to your data shared with our partners, we will not share it. We Buy Cars Fargo believes in active consent, so you must specifically tell us that you want to share information before we send it to any partner. 

You can change this and other privacy preferences at any time by contacting We Buy Cars Fargo through our Contact page or the email provided. 

We like cool stuff and think you’ll like it too. The people that provide this cool stuff are often in the partner network of We Buy Cars Fargo. We hope their offers improve your experience on our site and in other parts of your daily life. 

We Buy Cars Fargo only works with partners who we feel will improve our service and your experience. We are selective and actively review our partners to ensure that they live up to our standards of data protection and service quality.

Privacy Control and Changes

Your privacy is of utmost importance to We Buy Cars Fargo. If you tell us not to share information or to stop sharing information, we listen and enact those changes right away. Our goal is to make opting-in and opting-out simple and clear. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question about your information or how it is being shared. 

That said, Privacy Policy details and information may change as our business develops. We will do our best to provide updates to you when changes occur, but we may not be able to reach out to all users directly. 

Please check back to this page regularly to look for changes and updates and also look for notifications on our blog or main pages. Again, always reach out to We Buy Cars Fargo if you have questions or concerns about how your data may be used.